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Steering and suspension services

Premier Steering and Suspension Services

Leave your vehicle’s steering and suspension in the hands of the amazing technicians at Cuda Automotive. Whether your car is Asian, domestic, or a classic beauty, we know just how to get it running like new again.

  • Wheel alignments

  • Front wheel drive

  • Shocks and struts

  • Ball joints

  • Tie rods

  • Front, rear, and 4x4

Steering and suspension done right

Even when steering and suspension aren't the only issues your vehicle has, no need to worry.


When you bring your car in to us, we can run a FREE diagnostic scan, and fix any problems your vehicle may have. Get it all taken care of in one trip, from brakes to heating and air, to engine issues.

Have it all done in one trip

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You can believe in a shop that will take you to your vehicle and show you the problem, before doing the work.

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